Modulus Discovery Announces the Appointment of Yutaka Akiyama as Scientific Advisor

Modulus Discovery, Inc., an early stage global biopharmaceutical company, announced today the appointment of Professor Yutaka Akiyama, Ph.D , as Scientific Advisor to the Company.

Dr. Akiyama is a professor at Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is well recognized for his work in big data analysis in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences, and biology and his research on implementing large-scale simulations on supercomputers and distributed computing environments such as public cloud services. He is the founding leader of the Middle Molecule IT-based Drug Discovery Laboratory (MIDL) which will commence operations on March 2018 in Tonomachi KING SKYFRONT Research Complex in Kawasaki City.

Professor Akiyama, who has abundant experience in utilizing high performance computing (such as RIKEN’s “K computer” and Tokyo Tech’s “Tsubame3.0”), will provide advice on building our technology platform based on the latest simulation technologies accelerated by multiple GPUs. Professor Akiyama received his Ph.D in engineering for his mathematical theory of neural networks from Keio University in 1990.

Comment from S. Roy Kimura, CEO of Modulus Discovery, Inc.:

“We are honored to welcome Professor Akiyama as Scientific Advisor to Modulus. Professor Akiyama is recognized as a leading scientist in large scale simulation and we are honored and excited to benefit from his expertise in building and expanding our computational platform.”

Comment from Professor Akiyama:
“I am very excited to join Modulus Discovery. I look forward to working closely with Modulus Discovery to build new drug discovery technologies based on the latest GPU-enhanced simulation and machine learning. I have been very impressed with the passion of the Modulus team and am excited about the future growth of the company.”


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Modulus Discovery Announces the Appointment of Yutaka Akiyama as Scientific Advisor