Biology Portfolio Selection

We believe disease target selection is one of the most important steps in drug discovery that largely determines the success or failure of a research program. Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has selected drug discovery targets through specific insights into certain diseases, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. By contrast, we are constructing our proprietary drug discovery pipeline based on the comprehensive analysis of a large number of interrelated targets within several emerging core areas of biology that are linked to a wide range of potential therapeutic areas.  We prioritize targets with the potential for novel scientific or technical approaches that uniquely leverage our platform, expertise, and partners.

Core Biology Areas

The Alivexis research team possesses deep insights and a track record in various core biology areas through collaboration with experts and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and is further well-versed in the cutting-edge research of those fields. Utilizing our drug discovery platform, we conduct extensive analyses on both novel and validated target groups in these core biology areas. This enables the discovery of innovative therapeutic candidates, subsequent development strategies, and precise translation into clinical settings.

Currently, we are developing drug discovery projects in core biology areas, including innate immunity, synthetic lethality involving DNA damage repair, and the regulation of transcription and translation. We are approaching these areas with unique strategies, such as using novel tools like allosteric site modulators and peptides.

While adopting these novel approaches, we are diligently working towards extending our efforts into various clinical areas with high patient needs, including cancer and tumor immunology, chronic inflammation, and intractable rare diseases.