Modulus Discovery Establishes Wholly Owned U.S. Subsidiary and R&D Office in Cambridge, MA

Modulus Discovery, Inc., an early stage drug discovery company announced today the establishment of a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, and the opening of a new R&D office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This development is part of the company’s larger vision to build an innovative and globally integrated technology-driven virtual pharma company.

Cambridge, MA, has long been recognized as the global innovation hub for the life-sciences industry. This distinction originates in the unusual concentration of top academic institutions engaged in world-leading basic and applied research in biology, chemistry, medicine, and technology, and has resulted in the explosive growth of the biotechnology industry in the city. Over the years, global financial institutions and pharmaceutical firms were attracted to the Cambridge innovation hub and established offices and R&D centers there. These entities have in turn become part of a complete ecosystem that drives all phases of innovation from initial academic research, venture funding, company building, collaboration and alliance formation, and the subsequent marketing, asset sales, and exits to established players in the industry.

Founded by an international team, Modulus is uniquely positioned as a global biopharmaceutical company with strong ties to both Japan’s top academic research laboratories in biology, chemistry, and high-performance computing, and major pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in the region.

Establishment of a U.S. subsidiary and an office in Cambridge, MA will enable Modulus to fully participate in the city’s innovation ecosystem, and to build the capabilities necessary to fully leverage Japan’s untapped resources to accelerate the discovery of innovative therapeutics. At this juncture in its development, Modulus is focused on creating new relationships and strengthening existing ties with world-class academic institutions, biopharmaceutical companies, and technology firms in the greater Boston area, and the U.S. in general. Modulus also intends to make full use of the areas talent pool to expand its R&D and business teams.

Comment from S. Roy Kimura, CEO of Modulus Discovery, Inc.:
“We are delighted to announce the opening of our US subsidiary, and a new R&D office in Cambridge, MA. We are one of a few drug discovery biotechnology companies with a global network and strong ties with Japan’s top academic research and biopharma industry players. We believe that the efficient global integration of our drug discovery operations, cutting-edge GPU-based technology platform, and world-leading industry and academic partners will enable us to realize our mission to accelerate the discovery of new medicines for patients in need.”


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Modulus Discovery Establishes Wholly Owned U.S. Subsidiary and R&D Office in Cambridge, MA