Modulus Discovery, Inc. to Change Its Name to Alivexis, Inc. on March 11, 2024

Modulus Discovery, Inc (Headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO S. Roy Kimura) is pleased to announce that, effective March 11, 2024, the Company has changed its name to Alivexis, Inc.

● New company name: Alivexis, Inc.(URL:
● Date of change: March 11, 2024
*Please note that this change is limited to the company name; there will be no changes to the address or representatives.
*Concurrent with this name change, our subsidiary, Modulus Discovery, Inc. (Headquarters: 1 Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142; CEO S. Roy Kimura), will also be changing its name to Alivexis, Inc.

Purpose of the Company Name Change
Since its establishment in August 2016, we have committed to delivering groundbreaking pharmaceuticals efficiently to patients suffering from cancer, chronic immune and inflammatory diseases, and rare diseases, along with their families. Our mission has been to integrate insights into core biology, cutting-edge drug discovery platforms, and a global network-based research system to advance our unique portfolio of small molecule drug discovery projects and various research and development collaborations. Aiming to fulfill this social mission, we have been operating as a network-based drug discovery company, led by a team with extensive experience in drug discovery and computational science research within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, with bases in Tokyo and Boston.

As of March 2024, our strengths – (1) insights into core biology crucial to life and diseases, (2) a unique drug discovery platform, and (3) an attractive drug research pipeline – have been crystalized as clinical development candidates in three lead projects, with several more projects making significant progress into late-stage of lead optimization. Considering the substantial changes in the internal and external business environment since the company’s inception, we have changed the name of our company and its subsidiaries to “Alivexis” with the aim of further clarifying our social mission and focus areas for future business development.

Origin of the new Company Name
The new name “Alivexis” is a blend of “alive,” signifying “life, living,” “synthesis,” representing “the combination of various elements to form a larger entity or concept,” and “exis,” meaning “to arise, to emerge.” It was selected to reflect our hope that vibrant, healthy, and happy lives will emerge from our drug discovery platform and research and development activities.

Our Mission Reinforced by Our New Identity
Alivexis is dedicated to fostering healthier and more fulfilling lives by integrating cutting-edge drug discovery platforms, profound understanding of disease biology, and agile global business operations.

CEO S. Roy Kimura’s Comments
“I am thrilled to announce our new corporate name, Alivexis, which signifies the vitality of life emerging from our deep commitment and passion to deliver much needed medicines for patients and their families afflicted by various diseases. Over the last 6 years I have had the pleasure to be part of an exceptionally hard-working and talented team to accomplish what some initially thought impossible — rapidly discovering multiple novel high-value drug candidates starting from zero resources by leveraging our cutting-edge drug discovery platform. Our new name marks the beginning of the next stage in our evolution, growing from a platform-based drug discovery firm to a therapeutics driven company with a powerful platform and multiple programs nearing clinical trials. We continue to be excited about our mission to discover and deliver new medicines for patients in need around the globe.


Modulus Discovery, Inc. to Change Its Name to Alivexis, Inc. on March 11, 2024(PDF)


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Modulus Discovery, Inc. to Change Its Name to Alivexis, Inc. on March 11, 2024