Modulus Discovery Announces Senior Appointments including Jon Mason as Scientific Advisor

Modulus Discovery, Inc., an early stage global biopharmaceutical company, announced today the appointment of Jonathan Mason, Ph.D. as Scientific Advisor to the Company, and William Sinko, Ph.D., as Principal Scientist, Computational Drug Discovery.

Dr. Mason is a global leader and scientific expert in drug discovery, particularly in the development and application of computational technologies for drug design. He currently serves as Senior Research Fellow, Computer-Aided Drug Design at Sosei Heptares, a world leading GPCR structure-based drug design biotech.

Dr. Mason has over 30 years of experience in the drug discovery industry and previously held multiple leadership positions at global pharmaceutical firms including Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lundbeck and Rhône-Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi). Dr. Mason started his career as a medicinal chemist, and later pioneered the use of 3D pharmacophore fingerprint methods, de novo design, the use of biological fingerprints for lead selection and attrition and more recently the critical evolution of computer-assisted drug design approaches to include waters, with full binding site water networks and their energetics for the prediction of potency, selectivity and kinetics.

Dr. Sinko joins Modulus from Schrodinger, Inc., where he worked on multiple drug discovery collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech firms in the US. He previously was a senior computational drug discovery researcher at Dart Neurosciences. Dr. Sinko received his Ph.D. training from Professor Andrew McCammon’s laboratory at the University of California, San Diego, and is an expert in the application of molecular simulations to drug discovery.

Comment from S. Roy Kimura, Ph.D., CEO, Modulus Discovery, Inc.:
“We are honored to welcome Jon as Scientific Advisor and Bill as our principal computational scientist at Modulus. Jon is a recognized authority in drug discovery and the application of computational methods to drug design. Bill is a top expert in applying cutting-edge simulation technologies to drug discovery and has wide-ranging experience across a number of therapeutic targets. We are excited to benefit from their expertise to enhance our drug discovery and computational strategy and capabilities”.

Comment from Jonathan Mason, Ph.D.:
“I am very excited to work with Modulus Discovery, Inc. where the combination of highly focused and motivated experienced people with unique know-how, technologies and access to supercomputers and new protein structures creates a potent environment for drug discovery. The effective large scale application of cutting-edge computational drug design methods to target protein structures enables the long awaited new era of computationally-driven rational drug design.”

Comment from William Sinko, Ph.D.:
“I am thrilled to join Modulus Discovery, Inc. and work with a world leading team of drug discovery scientists, partners and advisors focused on advancing Modulus’ drug discovery pipeline. I am excited to bring my computational drug discovery experience to Modulus and confident that we will rapidly deliver high quality clinical candidates that will ultimately improve patients lives.


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Modulus Discovery Announces Senior Appointments including Jon Mason as Scientific Advisor