Modulus Discovery Announces Signing of Collaboration Agreement with Tokyo Institute of Technology

Modulus Discovery, Inc., an early stage global biopharmaceutical company, announced today the signing of a research collaboration agreement with Professor Masahito Oue, Assistant Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology (“Tokyo Tech”). The collaboration will focus on the implementation and scale-up of Modulus’ cutting-edge

TSUBAME 3.0 is recognized as one of the world’s most efficient supercomputers, taking the top spot on the Green500 list in June 2017 ( The Green500 list ( ranks the world’s fastest supercomputers by power efficiency. TSUBAME 3.0 consists of 2,160 NVIDIA P100 GPUs installed on the SGI ICE XA platform with customized cooling technology.

The Tokyo Institute of Technology is home to one of Asia’s leading high performance computing centers, and has built the earliest GPU-based supercomputers in 2010 in partnership with , the leading GPU manufacturer and other technology firms. Through a close partnership with NVIDIA, the engineers and scientists at Tokyo Tech have developed a unique and specialized knowledge-base that encompasses not only supercomputing hardware and networking technology, but also customization of scientific software and execution environments that enable maximal scaling behavior and performance for today’s most compute-intensive applications.

Through this collaboration, Modulus expects to significantly the computational efficiency of its platform, resulting in further cost and timeline reductions in its drug discovery programs.

Comment from S. Roy Kimura, Ph.D., CEO, Modulus Discovery, Inc.
“We are very excited to work closely with the world-class team at Tokyo Tech and the TSUBAME 3.0 Supercomputer to take our computational platform to the next level in terms of efficiency and performance. We believe that this collaboration will further accelerate our R&D programs to enable our mission to discover innovative medicines for patients in need.”

Comment from Professor Masahito Ohue, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology
“I’m very much thrilled that our massively parallel computing technology is now integrated with Modulus’ computational drug discovery platform to deploy innovative drug discovery. I expect that this collaboration establishes high-efficiency and high-performance computational drug discovery technology and will create novel drugs rapidly.”


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Modulus Discovery Announces Signing of Collaboration Agreement with Tokyo Institute of Technology